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Spiritual Life Coaching

Much like traditional Life Coaching, Spiritual Life Coaching aims to move you forward and help you better define the meaning and purpose of your life. The focus of Spiritual Life Coaching is to help you connect to the spirit within you, the spirit outside of you, knowing you are connected to something that's bigger than ourselves.

Spiritual Life Coaching can help you understand the meaning of unconditional love and help you connect to it. It can also help you to positively heal childhood trauma, and deep rooted emotional blocks that are preventing you from reaching your full potential.

Spiritual Life Coaching can also help you gain a deeper understanding of Spirituality. It can also help you make sense of any spiritual confusion around you, including being aware of your own spiritual gifts and how to understand your intuitive feelings. I will empower you to trust your Inner Guidance and you will learn how to manifest things in your life. If you are aware of the Law of Attraction, I build on this in the coaching sessions.

5 Ways in which Spiritual Life Coaching can empower you:

1. You will learn how to have soulful connection with money and finance. The most significant reason for not having enough money doesn't lie in your race, gender,education, status or fate. It's not even down to luck. The most significant reason lies within. You attract what you are. And you are what you believe yourself to be. Of course, we could just change our beliefs and we'd all be rich. Right? It's not as simple as that. It's not the surface level belief we need to change, it's the deep-rooted one - the Limiting Belief that acts as a gatekeeper.

Spiritual Life Coaching helps you to not only uncover that Limiting Belief but empowers you to develop a healthier relationship with money, thereby changing that Limiting Belief into freedom for you.

2. A deeper understanding of yourself, leading to better relationships. Spiritual Life Coaching encourages personal development. It can help you find a deeper purpose and meaning to your life which, in turn, is reflected in your relationships. Knowing who you are, your values and boundaries helps you let go of anger, regret, guilt, shame. We work on embracing your Shadow Self, and healing your Inner Child.

3. The Mind, Body, Soul connection. You will learn how Mind, Body, Soul are not 3 separate things, but one. You will also learn the importance of respecting all three.

4. The 7 major Chakras. Your Chakras are coloured energy centres, each representing part of the whole. Trauma, stress, anger, depression - any dis-ease can be traced to a blocked or stagnant Chakra. You can heal and balance the Chakras - note: healing is not the same as cure. Spiritual Life Coaching, Reiki, etc does not cure.

5. Freedom, peace, balance, joy, success, love, happiness, connection. Spiritual Life Coaching gives you all that. And more.

As well as being a Spiritual Life Coach, I am also an Angelic and Crystal Healer, and a Reiki Practitioner. I will use my knowledge in these fields to help you, including helping you to heal and balance your Chakras, heal your Inner Child and connect to your Guardian Angels, Archangels & Spirit Guides.

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