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Posted on 23 February, 2019 at 10:40

1. Several men you dated, or were in a relationship with, married (or got into a serious relationship with) someone else shortly after dating you. TRUE/FALSE

2. You have not had a serious committed relationship for over 5 years. TRUE/FALSE

3. Men you are interested in don’t ask you out, but men you aren’t interested in are trying to date you? TRUE/FALSE

4. Your relationship requirements are based on characteristics such as height, eye colour, income & occupation. TRUE/FALSE

5. You feel nervous or intimidated around the man you find attractive. TRUE/FALSE

6. You have difficulty asking directly for what you want in a relationship. TRUE/FALSE

7. You feel like you are not a priority with the men you date and you are always in last place behind work, friends, hobbies and kids. TRUE/FALSE

8. You have been cheated on by more than one partner. TRUE/FALSE

9. You have been cheated on by a partner but you have continued to date them. TRUE/FALSE

10. You have been involved with a married man, separated man, or a man in a relationship with someone else. TRUE/FALSE

11. You have had a series of short term relationships that only last several months. TRUE/FALSE


12. You’ve had several first dates, but they rarely lead to second dates. TRUE/FALSE

13. You have difficulty ending a relationship, even when it’s not working. TRUE/FALSE

14. When you’re dating someone, your life gets turned upside down and there’s a lot of emotional drama and upset. TRUE/FALSE

15. When you’re dating someone, you find yourself always trying to read his mind or even go to psychics/horoscopes to get answers on how he feels. TRUE/FALSE

16. You sometimes tell yourself that all the good men are taken. TRUE/FALSE

17. In your past relationships, you have not been treated with the love and respect you deserve. TRUE/FALSE

18. You long to feel truly loved and valued by your partner. TRUE/FALSE


If you answered true :

13-18 times

You certainly are a magnet for unavailable men. You are attracted to men who are unable to sustain a loving, committed relationship. When you do meet a quality man, you sabotage the relationship. Without intervention, you will probably not break this pattern. You owe it to yourself to discover why you are blocking yourself from love and free yourself from these harmful patters once and for all.

I'm ready to lose my attraction to unavailable men


7-12 times

While you may not be an unavailable man magnet, you are definitely not attracting the calibre of men you’d like. You are also not setting appropriate boundaries when you are dating and you are wasting time falling for the wrong man. You probably feel rejected and wonder why other people have found love when it seems so hard for you.

I'm ready to meet the right calibre of man for me

0-6 times

You’ve either had a perfect dating life (so why choose this quiz?) or you’ve had a few bad experiences in the dating and relationship department which has left you a little shy and scared. Learning how to date, educating yourself on the types of unavailable men and getting clear about your relationship values will turn your love life around.

I want to get clear about my relationship values

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