Theresa Fearon, Life and Relationship Coach

Do Not Take the Journey Alone

Theresa Fearon,  Transformational Life and Relationship Coach

Sometimes, it is not easy to discuss with family and/or close friends what is going on in your life, but bottling it all up is harder. At Empower You, I offer a safe, confidential and discreet environment in which you can fully tackle the issues concerning you and together, we can work on moving you forward.

There are many pressures facing couples today (money, work, sex, addictions to name a few), all of which have the potential to derail a relationship. Sadly, couples only tend to seek counselling when the relationship is near to breaking point. And sometimes it is not possible to save the relationship. But sometimes, it is.

My aim is to motivate you to explore and create the life you want. Coaching is a journey and I will support you on that journey.

At Empower You, I only work with couples who are committed to making their relationship work.  

If you want more details on how couples counselling can help your relationship, please send me an email at [email protected] with a brief outline of your issue and your contact number. All emails come directly to me. You can text me at 07957 289555 during the best time to call for a brief chat.

For a free copy of my Out of Bounds e-book to help you maintain healthy boundaries, please download here.