Theresa Fearon, Life and Relationship Coach

Anger is a sign that something needs to change.  The Manage Your Anger Coaching Programme is designed to do that - and so much more.   You can begin to lift the grip that anger has on your life from the first session. Subsequent sessions will build on what you are learning, so that you are no longer controlled by your anger.

The Manage Your Anger programme is ideal for you if anger is causing a problem in  your personal and/0r business relationships.   It is also ideal for you if you suffer from road rage.  The six week programme covers :

Week 1 - Your detailed personal history.  Why are you so angry?  You will leave with a better understanding of your anger, and two CBT-based strategies to channel your anger in a more positive way.

Weeks 2 & 3 - Values & Boundaries (in Your personal & business relationships).  Are your values/boundaries within the relationship/work environment being compromised?   We examine your values and reinforce your boundaries so that you do not feel so angry.

Week 4  - We look at other triggers, and you will learn how to avoid being stressed by them, and how to respond in ways which are more effective and beneficial to you.  Conflict resolution.

Week 5 - Self Healing.  Maybe you aren't ready to forgive someone else, and that's ok.  Healing starts with yourself and you will learn ways to relax and heal.

Week 6 - Feedback and future goals.  For so long now you have been controlled by anger. Now you're free.   We look at your lifestyle change ad how you can positively add to it.

The 6 week programme costs £450* (payable in 2 instalments) and the only pre-requisite is that you are 18+ and you invest in a good journal!  You will have full text/email support from me throughout the 6 weeks, as well as weekly exercises to help reduce the stress/anger responses.  Please use the contact form or you can call me on 020 8938 4708 with any questions.

*This programme is currently being offered through Harrow Deals with a 33% discount.